Love Under The Christmas Tree

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The weather was so cold this night, in this time of the year, one week before the Christmas…

But the Cold weather didn’t prevent some couple to walk through the park..

They held each other hands and walked slowly through the empty park..

” I want my Christmas gift now! ”

Kate said it hitting her legs in the ground…Her boy friend Mark laughed and said

” You act like kids Kate, still seven days for the Christmas honey ”

Kate laughed too, then hugged his arm and said with a childish voice

” No! I want it now daddy ”

Mark turned to her and moved his hand quickly Carrying her in his arms

” seems your daddy should carry you every time to stop crying ”

He leaned to kiss her but she jumped of his arms and run away laughing, He ran after her through the park, until he caught her and they both fall in the green ground laughing…

They slept in front of each other holding hands and looked to each other with a smile..

” I love you Kate ”

” and I love you too daddy ” Kate said with a smile

Mark smiled, looked in her beautiful eyes and said

” you know Kate…sometimes I feel really like your daddy, of how much I love you and I think your dad can’t love you more ”

” and I love you too mark, even more than a kid can love her dad..You are all my family mark…and You are all my life! ”

He smiled again and moved his hand, touching her cheeks in love..

” I feel cold daddy ” Kate said with the childish voice again

Mark laughed and took her to his arms…his hand caressed her hair…

” You still don’t want to tell me what is the gift you was buying today? ” Kate asked

” I bought your gift month ago baby, today I was buying a gift for Susana ”

” Susana again mark! ” Kate said with angry voice.

” Susana is my friend Kate…how many time will I tell you this baby? I don’t love her and she doesn’t love me, We are just friends Kate…and she helped me much before and always was that only real friend by me when I was down…that is why I should always remember her, and be good to her…”

Kate listened to Mark and said again with unconvinced voice..

” Okay Mark, but I still think there something strange on that girl, Her looks for you doesn’t make me feel well…especially after that piano courses you started to give her..I don’t know how you convinced me to let you do this…god I was crazy! ”

Mark smiled and said..

” You let me cause you love me…and trust me ”

She give a shy smile, hit his shoulder gently and said

” yea I trust you but I don’t trust her at all ”

mark smiled again and said

” trust your daddy baby…and hey we won’t talk all the night about Susana ”

Kate said with annoyed voice ” yea its a waste of time really ”

She Continued while looking behind Mark

” Look at that tree mark… ”

Mark turned his eyes where she look and saw that big tree…it looked beautiful with its big green leaves under the moon silver light, he smiled and said

” It look beautiful honey…why not make it our love tree ”

She smiled and said..

” yea but I will love it more when it have snowflakes in the Christmas night ”

He smiled and asked:

” you still love snowflakes baby? ”

” yea…Its my passion ”

” Guess how long this tree took to be that big…Strong and beautiful…”

She said with a slow voice like she talk to her self…Then moved her eyes to mark and asked.. ” Will our love be like this tree Mark? ”

He smiled, pointed to his heart and said..

” our love will grow on our hearts everyday till it be bigger than this tree baby ”

She smiled, looked in his eyes and said

” I love you Mark…”

He smiled and took her in his arms again while they both looking for the tree

the love tree…


man woman seaside nature romance


Three Days For the Christmas…


” The piano class time ”

Susana said with a funny voice before she entered Mark room..

” How are you my cute teacher? ”

Mark laughed while moving to sit at the piano chair and said in the same funny way..

” He feels bad for his lazy student who still can’t play a single song, even after 5 piano lessons ”

She laughed and said while she put her hands around his neck

” maybe I just love to stay more and more with my handsome teacher ”

Mark moved her hand away quickly and said in serious voice..

” well, let us start the lesson, Susana ”

She seemed angry, but she sat on the chair by him in front of the piano

” As I told you before Susana…The piano is not just fingers to click on boards..It’s an art that need so much feeling and romantic expert fingers to touch the Piano and touch everyone’s heart who listen to your melodies…..”

Susana interrupted him suddenly and said while touching his hand..

” but what if you want to touch someone who doesn’t feel you at all?! ”

” not again Susana! ” Mark said with angry voice moving her hands away.

” why not again Mark! again and again until you feel what I feel…I told you before I will not give up…say you love Kate as you want…But I love you! and you should found a way to help me…Its not my mistake if my heart loved you! and if I can’t stop loving you ”

Mark closed his eyes and tried to be calm before he said slowly..

” Susana…you are my friend, and I love you this way…I told you last time that my feeling for Kate is real…and it can’t be changed…and if you really love me you should be happy for me , I told you before you will find your love too…you just think you love me cause you didn’t meet your soul mate…But when you meet him you will remember what I’m saying…and will know that I’m not the one for you ”

Susana left her chair, moved around the place like crazy and shouted

” I’m not the one…Same words I hear every time…why you do that Mark?! Why you love to hurt me all the time …why?! ”

She kicked the vase in front of her in madness…and fall to the floor crying..

Mark moved and hold her up in sympathy…

He raised her eyes up and wiped away her tears with his hand…

” Susana…I’m not trying to hurt you at all…and I don’t love to see you this way Cause you are my friend and I love you…please Susana try to understand me… ”

She looked to him smiling with the tears in her eyes, He kissed her forehead and smiled

” that is the smile I always want to see…never hide it ”

She smiled again then slowly she moved her lips near Mark lips and…….

” great teacher! ” It was Kate clapping in front of the door with teary eyes…

” It’s great how you give good lessons for your students Mr. Mark! ”

She continued while she walk inside the room while tears started to fall of her eyes.

Mark looked confused and said in low voice ” Kate…Its not…….”

” Shut up! ” Kate shouted.

” Stop lying! it’s not what?! its not what I told you?! its not what I saw?! you love each other I was sure of this! and me?! the part time girl friend you mock about while sleeping together! ”

Susana talked this time and said in confused voice..

” Kate…please calm down and let me explain it for you, Mark didn’t…..”

” Shut up you too! ” Kate shouted and slapped Susana Suddenly

She moved her hand to slap her again but Mark hands stopped her this time

” Kate…Stop this…you can’t understand anything ”

” yea! defend her Mark…or slap me as I slapped her! I forgot you are her man! ”

Kate said with more tears falling of her eyes..

” I’m sorry if I bothered you, you can continue your night now…I’m leaving! ”

Mark watched her stepping out with sad eyes…until she disappeared through the home garden

He fell in the chair behind him and look with amazed eyes for the open door..

” Mark…I’m sorry…….” Susana said with low voice.

” Please leave me now Susana…I want to be alone ”

Susana put her hands on her mouth looking for Mark while tears coming down of her eyes..Then she ran away crying…and left the home

Mark sighed…” what a night…! ”

He stood up and walked to his office…get out his Diary and pen…

( My diary, here what I was afraid of came true…You remember when I told you, Susana may cause the end for my love story with Kate…but I didn’t imagine it will be that sad end…I love Kate, more than any one in the world can love…but I feel bad every time I see Susana broken and sad, thinking it’s because of me…what a pain! I can’t imagine all what happened…Now my diary, I’m alone….all alone! )

He put his pen down, looked for what he wrote with sad eyes…then he left his office and went upstairs for his bed room…he stepped inside and looked for the two gifts he put in the bed and sighed…

” seems that you will have no gifts for this Christmas poor Mark… ”

He slept on the bed…closed his eyes…

and in his mind and heart there was only one name repeating…



man woman seaside nature romance


The Christmas Night…


He walked through the park alone…

” I love you daddy ”

He smiled, with sad eyes…remembered their moments together…

He walked through the same way they were walking together…

this is the place they walked together…

this is where he ran after her…

and this is where they slept in the ground…

He smiled while memories were flooding in his head…

and that is the tree…….

He looked to the tree with amazed eyes…

Cause what he saw was really amazing…

The old big tree was full of lights…decorations…

and a lot of snow flakes…

” Oh Kate…. ”

” did you like it Mark? ”

Susana voice came of behind him…he looked for her with amazed eyes…

” I thought its Kate who……”

” wait, let me explain…” Susana smiled and said.

” I just thought I hurt you a lot and make you feel bad…and then I got your point, if I love you I should be happy for you…and so I decided to give you a small gift ”

” maybe you will forgive me after…” She continued

” well let’s get your gift out…its behind the Christmas tree ”

Mark moved his eyes to the tree…and saw Kate getting out of behind the tree in so

beautiful red dress…made her look like a queen…

” Here is your gift Mark…do you like it? ”

Susana said with a smile.

Mark looked to Kate with eyes full of love and missing…then smiled and said

” it’s the most beautiful gift I got in my life, Susana ”

” Come to your daddy baby ” he said

Kate ran for him and jumped between his arms…

Susana happy tears dropped of her eyes while she watched them, then said..

” well Mark…I’m happy I could get you back together cause it was my mistake…I couldn’t go home that night cause I was so sad and I back for your home to tell you I will fix everything…But you was upstairs, and your diary was on the office…I read what you wrote and it said it all…So I took it to Kate the next day and she understood everything, and she was afraid you won’t forgive her for what she thought of you…so I told her we will make this surprise for you so you forgive both of us…She was sure you will come here tonight… ”

Mark listened to her then smiled and said..

” so you both made a team on me…well so don’t imagine I will give you your gifts ”

He laughed, so did Susana…and Kate hugged his arm like she used to do and said

” Oh you bring it with you?! come on daddy please, you know I want to see my gift ”

he laughed again and said

” okay here you are my baby ”

She took the gift of his hand…and repacked it quickly like kids do…then she looked to the gift inside with amazed eyes…

” wow! that crystal snowflakes we saw on the jewelry shop…it was very expensive Mark! ”

” Nothing in that world is expensive for letting me see that happy look on your eyes baby ”

” I love you Mark ” she said and jumped in his arm again.

” well…I should leave you now ” Susana said with smile.

” No, wait Susana…your gift ” Mark said

She smiled to him, took the gift and repacked it slowly…tears flooded of her eyes as she looked inside the pack…it was a beautiful silver necklace of crystal heart

” A crystal heart ” She said with amazed voice..

” yea…like your heart Susana…you have so beautiful and caring crystal heart ”

tears dropped of her eyes while she listen to Mark words, and then said

” Thanks Mark…however, I don’t think I deserve it ”

Kate smiled this time and said..

” You deserve it Susana…what you did show really that you have a beautiful crystal heart and I’m sure you will meet that lucky guy who will get this crystal heart full of love ”

Susana smiled and said ” well think I found one ”

” really? ” Mark asked with happy voice.

” yea really, its that boy next door…I was always getting love messages but never knew who sent them…yesterday he came and told me he love me and we are going to meet now ”

” that is great news ” Kate said…and Mark smiled before saying..

” I’m so happy you found the one for you Susana ”

Susana smiled and said with a sigh..

” Well you was right Mark…I found the one for me…He may be dork at a times but he is a good person ”

The three laughed…then Susana said..

” Well…bye for now guys…I should go now to meet him…god help me ”

She looked at them with happy eyes and continued..

” And to let you have a good Christmas night too ”

They laughed again…then Susana cheered at them before moving away..

They looked at each other eyes, then he said..

” I missed you baby ”

” I missed you more daddy ”

” It was so bad thing you did baby…daddy is angry”

” I won’t do it again daddy ”

” well…But I should punish you baby ”

He smiled and leaned to her..

She smiled for him and said in low voice…

” Punish me daddy ”

they fall to the ground and their lips met to say all their love…

and they spent all the night in love, There……

Under the love Tree….


With My love…And merry Christmas to everyone :)

..:: P.R.I.N.C.E ::..

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