Just a toy..somewhere…

just a toy somewhere - short story

Their steps slowed down..as they crossed that narrow gate surrounded by Barbed wire..
The silence was the master of the scene..all families..men, women..children..crossed the gate with tired feet..while soldiers by the sides of the gate checked everyone by their eyes..silently..even the black smoke rising up in the background..had no sound…

A sudden close explosion changed the scene..a few kids started crying..it seemed like the others got used to the sound of explosions..some of them didn’t even look back..the nervous soldiers shouted at the people to hurry..

By the end of the crowd..a little girl grabbed her father’s hand..crying and trying to get back
” My toy..we can’t leave her! she will die! ”

The father looked at her with sad eyes..he wish he can tell her it’s not the toy to worry about..that they left behind all their memories..loved ones..their homes..

That all their country is being destroyed by a blind war..that they are now refugees..that their home will be a tent if they got lucky enough to have one..that their biggest dream right now would be not to starve..or die in the cruel cold weather…..

Another close explosion awakened the father from his thoughts..him and his daughter were the only ones left on the other side of the borders…the soldiers shouted at him to hurry..he carried his daughter..looked in her eyes with a smile and said:
” One day..we will be back to your toy my dear..we will be back…. ”

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