Another Mirror…

sad woman in mirror 

In front of the mirror..she was every day passed…

but unlike any woman..she wasn’t there to admire her beauty..or to wish that she was more beautiful…

she was front of the mirror..just wishing to have..another mirror..that sees through her heart……


Work hours always pass like years for her..she was doing her work but her mind was thinking..criticizing all her life.she is has been so long since she was in love..she was..but he never was in love..wasn’t even close to it..all he wanted to have is a doll..he wanted her beauty and body..never felt the real her..and for that she left…for that she built a high walls..around her broken heart…


On her way back from work..her mind was in endless thinking..she didn’t feel like going home..passing by the seaside..she passed the rood.choose a bench by the sea and sat there..sea waves remind her of herself…very beautiful looking..but rough life….

” Can I sit here, please? ” she was surprised In the middle of her thoughts with that young man standing by her..he was smiling while a sun glasses hided his eyes…

” Another one of them! ” she thought, he didn’t look like a bad person to her..but she choose the safer side and said:

” I guess there are many benches in the park..actually all of them are empty..why don’t you choose one of them just for yourself? ”

He smiled while sitting by her and said:

” Well, first reason..I have been sitting in that special bench for more than a year I’m kinda getting loyal to can even say I’m in love with it..even if it sounds crazy! ”

She couldn’t help smiling at the way he described his relationship with just a seaside bench, to hide her smile she asked:

” And the second reason? ”

He smiled and looked at her before answering:

” The second reason’s the first time for me to find someone here at this’s small the middle of the day, almost all people are home back from likely you are the second crazy person after me in this there is no point in two crazy persons..each one is sitting alone in an empty park…”

She was staring at him while he was talking..his words looked honest to her..but her bad experience with men taught her that they are all the same..painting their faces with different characters..just to get to the woman heart..but it’s never the heart that they’s just a way to control and own the woman..and that one here is no different..” He just saw me across the a park..standing alone and thought I would be an easy he wore the mask and…..”

” I’m not a hunter..nor you are a prey…” She was amazed by his sudden words.

” what?! How could you…..”

” know what are you thinking about? ” he smiled and continued:

” I’m not any kind of alien or minds reader before you start thinking this’s just that at some point of life..with experience you earn through the years..good and bad people you actually start knowing what people are start understanding even their silence….”

She was still staring at him , and he continued in sarcastic voice:

” plus, a woman is only silent if she suspects someone..or is planning to kill him ”

She laughed saying:

” That was racist, are you one of Anti-women’s organizations? ”

” Of course not, I respect and admire the woman ” he answered with a smile, and continued looking at her:

” especially when she is so beautiful like you… ”

His smile and the way he said his words touched her heart..but suddenly her mind recalled just one word.. ” beautiful ” she still remember the way her last so-called boyfriend said it the first time he met her, it touched her heart the same way..yet it was was just a bait to hook her up….

” Lost in daydreams again! ” he said it and woke her up of her thoughts, she looked at him for a moment before standing up saying:

” sorry, I should leave now ”

” Wait! I want to tell you something!  ”

He exclaimed but she has already started running to the other side of the she reached it..she heard his steps stopping at the middle of the road and he exclaimed again desperately:

” Wait…”

She looked at him with sad eyes for a moment..she was about to move away again when she saw that fast car approaching through the door..she looked at him again and waved with her hand for him to move away..he didn’t move at all..she got angry and shouted:

” Move out of the road! ”

As soon as she started talking he moved toward her instead of going back to the other side..she looked at the car that got too close to the side where he is running..she screamed and rushed toward him…the car driver was chocked when he saw both of them running through the road..he pushed the brakes strongly…at the same time she reached him and jumped to push him away and they both fall in the ground right before the car passed by them and stopped…and as soon as it dd..the man inside the car gave a big sigh and jumped out of the car shouting:

” What the hell are you doing?! are you blind?! ”

He stood straight as she was gasping beside him..he moved his hand on the ground searching for his sunglasses while saying:

” Yes..I’m blind…and I’m sorry for the mess I caused for you here…”

She stared at him in astonishment as his hands was still searching the ground for his glasses without success..The car driver realized the situation and muttered:

” I’m the one who should say sorry, are you fine? I can ride you to nearest hospital if you want. ”

She moved her hand to pick the sunglasses from the ground while saying:

” Thank you so much, I think we are fine ”

The man greeted them before getting back to his car and driving he left..her hand moved to hold his hand stopping it from searching and said with a smile:

” I found your glasses, But I think you look much better without it ”

He smiled and stood up and helped her standing up..before they both stepped back to the seaside…on the way she smiled and asked:

” What amaze me do you come here alone? and how did you know someone was sitting at the bench? mind reading again? ”

He laughed and answered:

” Not really, actually my home is close..and I use number of steps to get here… ”

She was looked at him in amazement, when he looked at her and continued:

” and I knew someone is here by the air..cause the more I got close to this favorite bench of mine..the more your perfume got closer..this is how I know a woman is here, and my first thought was: what brought this nosy here now?! I just wanna be alone! ”

She laughed and said:

” aha, is that so? you wanted to get rid of me ”

He said with a smile:

” Of course..but that was before talking to you..and realizing how beautiful are you…..”

She smiled in shyness before exclaiming as she remembered something:

” said you wanted me to wait so that you tell me something..what was it…?

He laughed and answered:

” There are two things, again! ”

she laughed and said:

” aha, okay, first thing? ”

He answered in calm voice:

” When I called you beautiful and you decided to leave I knew what you felt..and could understand what you have been through..and so I wanted to tell you that I can’t see since a year now..I met a lot of new people that I never could see by my eyes..but today..I met you..and it was the first time to feel I see someone..without eyes… the few minutes I talked to you..I saw you…I saw your heart and soul..I saw what’s inside of it…and that was the most beautiful thing ever for someone to see….”

Tears dropped of her eyes..and smiled between her tears saying:

” That was the most beautiful thing I could ever hear in my life… ”

He touched her hair with his left hand as the fingers of his right hand wiped her tears away..before saying in tender:

” You didn’t ask about the second thing this time…”

She nodded as her tears was dropping and he wiping them away..he said:

” The second thing is..after few days..I will have a surgery that is supposed to make me see again..I wasn’t really keen the operation would be successful..but now..after meeting you..I feel it would…and I want you to be there..beside me..I want you to be the first one I see when I have my eyes back..and I know my eyes and heart would never see anyone the way it see you….”

She smiled between her tears..and said:

” All my life..I was searching for someone that see me..and doesn’t see me…I was standing in front of the mirror and wishing to not see myself there…I was dreaming of another mirror..that see the real me..see my heart and feelings and sensations…..My dreams were always in vain..but gave me this special mirror…you made my dreams come true….”

Their faces got close to each other..their lips met in a passionate kiss…before she hugged his face with her hands..and looked at his eyes saying:

” I will be beside you..always….now.. tomorrow and the days after..while you can’t see..and when you see…I will be beside you..because I know your  eyes will always see the real me..I know your eyes will always mirror……”



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